Fostering Growth for Entrepreneurs at Every Step

Learn about HatchBridge’s story, vision and mission.

Our Mission

To connect entrepreneurs in North-Atlanta metro area with knowledge, resources, and connections they need to successfully test, launch, and grow their business.

By linking physical office space with digital community, we build fodder for a transformative ecosystem that makes space for all entrepreneurs in our Suburban community to build wealth.

Core Values

Community Engagement
HatchBridge is committed to providing tools, coaching, and resources to the region’s entrepreneurs supporting business growth in North Georgia.
Ecosystem Infrastructure
We strive to make HatchBridge a central point of infrastructure supporting the local startup ecosystem with both in-person events and digital community.
Opportunity Creation
Providing the regional community a centralized infrastructure, we strive to make new opportunities accessible to even more entrepreneurs in our regional community.

Defining Early Stage

Join us in the early stages of business development, from generating ideas to growing. Let's define entrepreneurship together.


Test business viability using market validation practices like minimum viable product and paid industry pilots to target customers.


Introduce new business ideas and use tools to explore market viability with unique customer personas.


Deliver tested product or service to market and 
begin developing the infrastructure for your business to scale.


Explore fundraising and begin to increase head count in an effort to rapidly capture target market share.

Our Partners

We are proud partners with Kennesaw State University and Cobb Chamber, working collaboratively to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through these valuable partnerships, we tap into a rich pool of resources, expertise, and networking opportunities, ultimately benefiting the entrepreneurs within our community and contributing to the overall success of our endeavors.